A Really Good Place To Eat

In Manali

We're delighted to welcome you to Taste of India, a premier restaurant where we'll take you on a culinary voyage via Indian and global flavors.

Discover The Good Atmosphere Of TOI.

As you savor our delectable cuisine, you'll notice the meticulous attention to detail that goes into each dish, from the promising presentation to the exquisite flavors. Our restaurant offers the ideal ambience for every event, whether it's a celebratory gathering, a romantic meal, or a casual lunch with family, friends, or coworkers.

Good Atmosphere
Cozy Place

Cozy Place

To make everyone entering the establishment feel at home and find their atmosphere.

Relax Atmosphere

Relax Atmosphere

Take refuge in our exclusive haven of greenery and away from the crowds. Live music and performances every Friday night!


Get Relax. Eat.

To enhance your dining experience, try one of our cool mocktails, which are created with a special combination of fruits, herbs, and spices.


Aloo / Onion / Gobhi /Paneer / Mooli / Mix Parantha


Aloo / Onion / Gobhi /Paneer / Mooli / Mix Parantha


Paneer Pakora / Cheese & Tomato Grilled Sandwich

Kathi Rolls

Egg Rolls / Paneer Rolls / Chicken Rolls / Potato Kathi Rolls


Mattar Paneer / Shahi Paneer / Cheese Tomato / Malai Kofta


Tandoori Chicken /Chicken Afgani /Chicken Tadka Chatpatta

Home Made

Signature Menu

At Taste of India, we believe that eating ought to be about creating soul-nourishing moments as much as it should be about nourishing one's appetite.

Restaurant Image Restaurant Image Restaurant Image
Restaurant Image Restaurant Image Restaurant Image

Stars At Our Restaurant

Celebrities often draw attention wherever they go, and a surprise visit to a local restaurant is no exception. When stars step out for a meal, fans can't help but get excited, leading to a flurry of activity as onlookers try to catch a glimpse of their favorite personalities. The buzz and excitement of a celebrity sighting at a restaurant can turn an ordinary dining experience into an unforgettable event for both patrons and staff alike.

Celebrity at Restaurant
Celebrity at Restaurant

Celebrity at Restaurant

What They Say

Indulging in the flavors of the season at this restaurant was a delightful journey. From the first bite to the last, every dish showcased a perfect blend of creativity and tradition.

Aarav Gupta

Stepping into this restaurant was akin to entering a culinary oasis. The menu boasted a tantalizing array of dishes that catered to every palate.

Riya Patel

Discovering this restaurant was like stumbling upon a hidden gem in the bustling cityscape. From the first glance, every moment was infused with culinary bliss.

Aditya Sharma


We warmly welcome you to come and enjoy the delight of dining with loved ones, the welcoming spirit of Indian hospitality

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